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Goople sin :iconozumii:Ozumii 172 42
my VERSION of anti youtubers
my VERSION of "anti" youtubers:
- Darkiplier : he's dead (not really, his heartbeat moves every 5 minute.),lives in a aquarium, he only has half of a body(top).
- Antisepticeye : missing, badly injured, refuse to lives in a tank(that's why he's missing, he ran away), design for him were made, but i ain't showing lol sorry not sorry
- Dr.Infelix : scientist/doctor, weak(very), crippling depression oji-san, smoke all the time, smart nerd(very), the one who's in charge of the whole gang.
- Virus!Cry : prankster, Smart hacker, don't have a physical body, he only appears on the screen, half a body only (top one, yet glitchy).
- Reverse!CTK : missing, design were made, ain't showing yet. lol
^all of this, is to prevent people to make em fuckable. yep.
:iconfloatingmegane-san:FloatingMegane-san 80 27
Ajin :iconelentori:Elentori 1,078 22 GLITCH - Cryaotic :iconozumii:Ozumii 663 19 Quick Septiplier comic: Shadow :iconchloesimagination:ChloesImagination 314 11 Septiplier and pewdiecry comic: I have an Idea :iconchloesimagination:ChloesImagination 282 17 Quick Septiplier comic: Shirt :iconchloesimagination:ChloesImagination 304 28 - I've always loved you and I always will. :iconxclawdeenwolfffy:xClawdeenWolfffy 29 17 Airport (SEPTIPLIER) - [PAGE 9] :iconmariamediahere:MariaMediaHere 875 393
I'll Always be Here
Author:  PatricetheEmoPedo
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  Ellie breaks up with Sonny after he got them kicked out of a party, and Joel was in town and decided to stay with his goblin. Sorry it's my first fic, it probably sucks… so SUE ME THEN!
Warning: Implied sex, self-harm, cursing, drama; nothing out of the ordinary.
        "What the hell Ellie, I just had a few drinks! No need to slap me in front of everyone at the club." Sonny yelled at her.
        "Sonny John Moore, you got us kicked out! And this isn't the first time; it's really frustrating to be the girlfriend of an alcoholic. I really can't take it anymore." Ellie said glaring at him.
        "Well it's not like you're getting paid to stand by me. If you can't take me anymore then  just leave, maybe my fans are right… maybe you're here for the fame, so you're known more in
:iconpatricetheemopedo:PatricetheEmoPedo 5 2
raise your weapon.
Everything was cold. Everything was dark. The only thing he could make out through his blurred vision was the face of a man he once knew, once was so happy and vibrant to see him. They had been laughing only hours before the first sign of the infection had hit, and with the sirens they ran far away from the world and everything in it.
Or so they thought.
There was once was a man called Joel Zimmerman, he stood around six feet and was covered in tattoos. The man had beautiful hazel eyes, short brown hair and usually had a hat to cover up his messy hair. He had a best friend called Sonny Moore, who acted more like a lapdog than anything, following the lanky man around like a lovesick puppy and agreeing to anything he wanted.
The boy was the first to go. He had fallen behind and was now surrounded by a horde of flesh-eating mutants who wanted nothing more than to feast on his skin. The DJ let out a scream for 'help', begging anyone or something to come and save him but it was too late by
:iconfelidaeghost:FelidaeGhost 56 37
Vengance is never the right answer. :iconemmonsta:EmMonsta 621 284
Skrillmau5 High
Sonny walked in the halls of his high school dreadfully. Why did he have to be there? Why did he get assigned homework that nobody even grades? Why were the lights so bright today? Sonny wasn’t in the mood for any of it as he clicked the combination into his locker. He gathered his books and held them to his chest as he continued down the hall.
Sonny’s pale face stayed aimed to the ground as he was shoved around the halls by various piers like a pinball. It was like he didn’t even exist. Sonny sighed. Would things ever get better?
Mr. Webs eyed Sonny as he was the first to enter the room. He approached Sonny, who slumped down in his desk glumly.
“I look forward to reading your essay on Watership Down, Mr. Moore,” Mr. Webs enthused.
Sonny offered the humble teacher a small smile. Mr. Webs was a sweet old man who was actually passionate about his job of teaching the written word. Mr. Webs liked Sonny’s style of writing and always encouraged Sonny to wr
:iconsimmyjux:simmyjux 29 17
Cuteness Overload :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 4,029 524
Septiplier - Getting Ready [Chapter 1]
I said I wouldn't become trash.
Now I am trash.
Anyway, there's obviously swearing in there so ya know. Just gonna warn you.
This doesn't continue from the last thing I wrote, just so you guys know. This a new thing.
And ONE MORE thing... If you don't like Septiplier, and you're just here only to complain, then please go away. You're not welcome here.
If there is anyone who would prefer to read this story on Wattpad, you can read it here -
"RandomYoutuber69 asks, 'how did you get started as a youtuber?'" Jack read aloud to his camera. He was sitting in his room, doing one of his usual videos of "Reading Your Comments". Lightly shrugging his shoulders, he started to answer the question.
"Eh, I don't know. I mean, I never understand why people come to me for advice when it comes to Youtube, 'cause half the time I don't even know what the fuck I'm doin'." He joked, as a small giggle escaped his lips.
"But I guess... I don't know, you just sort of ha
:icon88death8the8kid88:88Death8The8Kid88 30 48




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